• Real world evidence and quality of life in patients with multiple myeloma including non-interventional studies
  • Medical relevant questions for the use of melphalan flufenamide in already pursued indications (e.g. specific subgroups, treatment sequence)
  • Exploratory and hypothesis generating questions
  • B-cell malignancies outside myeloma other than areas that are being explored by Oncopeptides 

The following areas will likely not support novel and independent research:

  • Repetition of already answered/planned research questions
  • Studies falling within the scope of ongoing or planned studies or concepts
  • Studies with registrational intent
  • Head-to-head studies
  • Other than registered dosing schemes or routes of administration

Specific patient populations/ Indication, including: Pediatric, High-Dose/Transplantation, CNS involvement (Multiple Myeloma)

Tillbaka till Investigator-Initiated Trials