Clinical Development

The clinical development of targeted therapies for difficult-to-treat hematological diseases and malignancies are based on our peptide-drug conjugate platform, PDC.

Our focus

We are focusing on the late-stage development of our lead product candidate melflufen in multiple myeloma, we are enrolling patients in our AL-amyloidosis study, ASCENT, the first study outside myeloma, and we are preparing clinical studies for the second drug candidate coming out of our PDC-platform, OPD5.

FDA approval and EMA submission

Melphalan flufenamide, also known as melflufen, is a first-in-class peptide-drug conjugate that targets aminopeptidases and rapidly releases alkylating agents inside cancer cells. Our clinical studies generate a wealth of data about melflufen’s efficacy and side effect profile in various groups of patients with multiple myeloma. February 26, 2021, the US Food & Drug Administration, FDA, approved PEPAXTO® (melphalan flufenamide, also known as melflufen),based on the pivotal phase 2 HORIZON study.  On April 16, we submitted a New Drug Application to the European Medicines Agency, EMA, for conditional marketing authorization of melflufen (melphalan flufenamide) in the EU.

Robust clinical program

Melflufen is currently evaluated in a robust program. The clinical strategy has evolved over time, originally based on the results from our first clinical study O-12-M1, a phase 1/2 study in multiple myeloma conducted between 2013 – 2017. At the European Hematology Meeting in June 2020, we presented final results from our pivotal phase 2 HORIZON study in patients with triple-class refractory multiple myeloma, including a large cohort of patients with Extra Medullary Disease.

In September 2020 we completed the enrolment to the phase 3 OCEAN study including 495 patients. The primary end point is progression free survival. The data will be evaluated once 339 patients have reached progression. Top line results are expected during the first half of 2021. Other ongoing studies include the phase 2 studies ANCHOR, BRIDGE, PORT and ASCENT. In December 2020 the first patient was recruited in the comparative phase 3 LIGHTHOUSE study.

Clinical development strategy

Our clinical development strategy is to establish melflufen as a potential cornerstone in the treatment of multiple myeloma after the first line of therapy. To broaden the indication outside multiple myeloma, we have recently initiated a study in AL-Amyloidosis, ASCENT. The goal is to fully explore the benefit that melflufen can bring to patients with difficult to treat hematological disorders.

Next drug candidate in clinical development

Recently we have received an approval by the FDA to start clinical development of OPD5, the second drug candidate coming out of our PDC-platform.