ASH 2018 – presentations and articles

During the American Hematology Meeting (ASH), Oncopeptides presented data from two ongoing studies, ANCHOR and HORIZON. These presentations as well as publications in the media are presented below. The ANCHOR Poster, the oral presentation of HORIZON and several external links and videos regarding publications in the media.

Webcast recording above: IMWG Conference Series, “Making Sense of Treatment” from the 2018 ASH Meeting. Featured Speakers: Brian GM Durie, MD (IMF Chairman); Joseph Mikhael, MD (IMF Chief Medical Officer); Maria V. Mateos, MD (University of Salamanca, Spain)

They distill, debate, and discuss the latest news and trends in the treatment of multiple myeloma at the 60th Annual ASH Meeting in San Diego, California, during a 60-minute webcast. Here we come into the section where they talk about melflufen.

Recording above: International Myeloma Foundation, “Safety and efficacy of melflufen for relapsed refractory multiple myeloma patients”.
Dr. Enrique Ocio presents an overview of Melflufen, targeting the multiple myeloma (MM) transformation process through aminopeptidase potentiation of the compound. Melflufen in combination with dexamethasone (dex) has shown promising activity with an acceptable safety profile. Read more on IMF