Oncopeptides is a fully integrated global biotech company committed to bringing innovation to patients with an unmet medical need and improving patient lives.

Attractive locations

Our operations are established in attractive biotech clusters in Sweden and on the East and West Coast of the U.S. Our global Headquarters is based in Stockholm, Sweden, the U.S. Headquarters is situated in Boston, Massachusetts, and we also have an office in San Francisco in California. In addition we have a modern pre-clinical drug development facility in Solna, outside Stockholm, Sweden.

Science driven culture

Oncopeptides has a science-driven culture, and an inclusive organization that welcomes people with different backgrounds and perspectives. The drug development facility is an excellent example, with 25+ employees with scientists representing 15 different nationalities.

Organizational build up

Oncopeptides has grown significantly in 2020 and 2021, and transformed into a fully integrated, global biotech company. We have managed to attract talents from leading pharmaceutical and life science companies and can today leverage reputed international expertise from early drug development, through clinical development to commercialization. We have approximately 300 co-workers in the US and in Europe. During 2021 we will continue our organizational growth as we increase our footprint in Europe and prepare for a commercial launch of melflufen also in EU. In April 2021 we submitted an application to the European Medicines Agency, EMA, for conditional marketing authorization of melflufen (melphalan flufenamide) in the EU.

Consistency in leadership

Oncopeptides was formed in 2000 to develop anti-cancer drugs based on research by some of Sweden’s leading cancer researchers and cancer research institutions. Throughout the years the company has benefitted from consistency in executive management and Board of Directors. The company has continued to have close links to the researchers who initially developed Melflufen as well as to the founders of the company. The company has had a very low staff turnover; people who have joined the company has decided to stay with company.

Research collaboration

During more than a decade Oncopeptides has developed a wide network of collaborators and established partnerships with leading researchers and research institutions in Europe and the US, including the Harvard Medical School – Dana Farber Cancer Institute.