The senior management currently consists of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Research and CMC, Chief Medical Officer, General Counsel, Global Head of Corporate Communications, Global Head Medical Affairs and Head of Human Resources.

Jakob Lindberg

Jakob Lindberg, Med Lic

Chief Executive Officer, CEO

Jakob Lindberg was appointed as CEO in 2021.


In addition to being CEO of Oncopeptides, Jakob is a Venture Partner at Patricia Industries, a part of Investor AB.


Jakob Lindberg was the CEO of Oncopeptides from the restart of the company in 2011, until June 2020. During July 2020 until November 2021 he was the CSO of Oncopeptides. His previous roles include being an analyst at Merrill Lynch & Co and a consultant at McKinsey & Co. Jakob was co-founder of Cellectricon, a provider of cell-based screening services to accelerate drug discovery, where he also served as CEO.


Jakob has studied medicine at the Karolinska Institute. He gained a Med Lic in Molecular Immunology and a MSc in pre-clinical medicine. He also has a BA in Finance and Administration from the Stockholm University.


Born: 1972
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 868,331 shares (853,031 directly owned, 15,300 indirectly owned through Lindberg Life-Science AB), 175,663 share awards* and 605,081 options*.
Other current positions: CEO of Oncopeptides, Inc, director of Oncopeptides Incentive AB, director of Affibody Medical AB and Lindberg Life-Science AB. CEO of Lindberg Life-Science AB.

Annika Muskantor

Annika Muskantor, MBA

Interim Chief Financial Officer, CFO

Annika was appointed interim CFO in 2021, and is responsible for Finance, HR, IT & Administration.


Annika has extensive experience as CFO from a broad range of industries. During the last 20 years she has been interim CFO of several publicly listed, and privately owned companies, including FRISQ, Bisnode, eBay, Sobi, MMG Turner Broadcasting, Zodiak Media and Scienta Omicron.


Annika holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Kellogg Graduate School of Management in Chicago USA, and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics and German from Northwestern University, Chicago, USA.


Born: 1966
Holdings in Oncopeptides: -
Other current positions: Owner of Frideborg Consulting AB

Eva Nordström

Eva Nordström, MSc Pharm

Chief Operating Officer, COO, and Deputy Managing Director

Eva Nordström was appointed as Head of Clinical Development in 2012, Chief Operating Officer 2020 and Deputy Managing Director 2021. Eva is responsible for strategic and operational deliveries in Biostatistics, Clinical Operations, Data Management, Global Drug Supply and Project & Process Management.


Previous positions Eva has held include Global Product Director and Vice President roles at Pharmacia and AstraZeneca based both in Sweden and the USA. She has led international cross-functional teams through all phases of drug development, including phase III and product launches. Eva has been responsible for individual project strategies including their implementation as well as disease area strategies, portfolio management and in-licensing.


Eva holds an MSc Pharm from Uppsala University and an Executive MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.


Born: 1970
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 120,200 shares, 87,832 share awards* and 284,113 options*.
Other current positions: Alternate Director of Utilica AB.

Fredrik Lehmann, Head of Research and CMC

Fredrik Lehmann, PhD

Head of Research and CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing & Control)

Fredrik Lehmann was appointed Head of CMC in 2008 and Head of Research in 2018.


In addition to being Head of Research and CMC for Oncopeptides, Fredrik is an independent consultant within preclinical research and CMC. Fredrik has previously held positions at several life sciences businesses including Pharmacia, Personal Chemistry, Biovitrum and Recipharm. He has also co-founded six life science companies.


Fredrik holds a PhD in medicinal chemistry from Gothenburg University and an MBA from Stockholm School of Economics.


Born: 1976
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 32,700 shares (31,700 directly owned, 1,000 indirectly owned through OT Pharmaceuticals AB), 29 277 share awards* and 149,274 options*.
Other current positions: Venture Partner at Industrifonden, Head of CMC at EpiEndo Pharmaceuticals, Director and CEO of OT Pharmaceuticals AB. Chairman of the board of Synartro AB. Board member of Immuneed AB and Sprint Bioscience. Member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Akthelia Pharmaceuticals.

Karolina Vilval

Karolina Vilval, LL.M

General Counsel

Karolina was appointed General Counsel in 2020.


Karolina has been active as a Legal Counsel in the pharmaceutical industry for the past 15 years.


Prior to joining Oncopeptides, Karolina worked at Gilead Sciences, Nordic affiliates as Associate Legal Director.
Previously, Karolina has worked at Biovitrum and Swedish Orphan Biovitrum (Sobi) in various positions in Legal Affairs.


Karolina holds a law degree from Stockholm University.


Born: 1979
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 50,000 share awards* and 14,106 options*.
Other Current Positions: Managing Director Oncopeptides GmbH.

Klaas Bakker

Klaas Bakker, MD, PhD

EVP and Chief Medical Officer, CMO

Klaas Bakker was appointed as Chief Medical Officer in 2019 and is responsible for Clinical Development Strategy, Pharmacovigilance/Patient Safety, Medical Affairs and Regulatory Affairs.


Klaas has previously held roles with increasing seniority at AstraZeneca, most recently as Vice President Medical Affairs of the Global TAGRISSO/TDR Franchise in Oncology. In this role he was responsible for the global launch of osimertinib, the company´s largest asset across all therapeutic areas.


Klaas holds an MD and is a board-certified neurosurgeon from the university of Groningen, the Netherlands, where he was clinically active until 2015. In addition, he holds a PhD in Hematology and has authored over 40 publications in international peer-reviewed journals.


Born: 1982
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 85,000 shares, 29,277 share awards* and 179,384 options*.

Rolf Gulliksen, Global Head of Corporate Communications

Rolf Gulliksen

Global Head of Corporate Communications

Rolf Gulliksen was appointed as Global Head of Corporate Communications in 2020. 


Rolf has an extensive background in strategic communication for the life science industry and consultancy. Previous positions include Head of Corporate Communications at Hansa Biopharma, SVP Corporate Communications Biovitrum, Corporate Affairs Director Pfizer, VP Public Affairs and Communications Pharmacia in EMEA, and External Affairs Manager at MSD. He has also headed the life science business at leading communication agencies; Hallvarsson and Halvarsson Group, Springtime, InVivo, and Edelman Worldwide in Europe


Rolf has studied chemistry, biology, physics, geology, pedagogy and methodology at Uppsala University


Born: 1959
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 50,000 share awards* and 5,499 options*.
Other current positions: CEO and Senior Advisor, Gulliksen Strategic Relations AB

Sara Svärdgren - Head of Human Resources

Sara Svärdgren

Head of Human Resources

Sara joined Oncopeptides in May 2018 as Head of Human Resources. Since May 2022, she is a member of the company’s leadership team.


Sara has a broad experience of HR and has held managerial positions in HR during the past 10 years. Before joining Oncopeptides, she worked in the financial industry at Neonet Securities AB.


Sara has studied the Human Resources program with a major in psychology at Örebro University and Stockholm University.


Born: 1979
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 85 shares, 21,550 share awards* and 9,498 options*.

Sofia Heigis, Global Head Medical Affairs

Sofia Heigis, MSc

Global Head Medical Affairs

Sofia joined Oncopeptides in August 2020 as Senior Vice President and Global Head Medical Affairs. She is a member of the Leadership Team since November 2021.


Sofia has a broad experience from leading international Medical Affairs-, Medical and Regulatory Affairs roles at Astra Zeneca, as well as commercial roles.


Sofia holds a Master of Pharmacology from the University of Gothenburg, including a Master Thesis in Pharmacology from Bond University.


Born: 1980
Holdings in Oncopeptides: 20,140 shares, 123,531 share awards* and 96,532 options*.
Other current positions: -

* The options and share awards entitles to one share per option in accordance with existing terms.

For more information and terms please read under Corporate Governance – Remuneration.


Holdings in Oncopeptides AB (publ) as of May 10, 2022.