Meet our people

Lisa Andersson

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Tell me a bit about your career?

I’ve spent most of my career working as an assistant at both large and small companies, with a focus in the biotech- and pharma industry over the past few years. I have supported larger teams as well as held roles directly supporting individual senior executives. I´ve also worked as team lead for a group of 15 people which gave me good insights in what it takes to lead teams. This is something I value now working as executive assistant.


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Sofia Heigis

Chief Commercial Officer, CCO, and Managing Director Germany

How did you get started in the pharmaceutical industry?

I’m a Master in Pharmacy by training and originally considered an academic career path. However, I after I was given an opportunity to do pre-clinical research in Sweden and Australia, I decided that I wanted to go into the pharmaceutical industry. I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference for patients on a broader scale.


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Stefan Svensson Gelius

Head of Research

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I have a PhD in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and I’ve spent more than twenty years working in the pharmaceutical industry.


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